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Medication that is right for you 

One size does not fit all! Today you and your doctor can take the guesswork out of which medications are right for you and which are not. If you need to be started on a medication for any of a number of reasons, you can get a personalized evaluation by Dr. Akler who will apply advanced genetic testing to determine how your body is likely to metabolize the medication based on your genetic makeup. By doing so you can prevent adverse effects and even get started on the right dose from the start. This application of genetics or genomics, combined with the science of how drugs work is known as pharmacogenomics.

For example, if you have high cholesterol and need to be started on a statin medication, sometimes people do not respond well to certain statins and it may cause a condition that causes breakdown of the muscles, pain and sometimes other organ involvement. Avoid this and other medication complications entirely by booking an appointment with Dr. Akler who he will work with you and your primary care doctor (or other prescribing doctor) to advise on the medication that works best for you based on your genetic makeup!


The benefits of pharmacogenomics include:

  • Minimizing trial and error

  • Avoiding adverse drug reactions, toxicity and side effects

  • Customizing medication regimens

  • Results that are accurate and relevant over the course of a lifetime

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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