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Pre-conception Carrier Screening for all known Jewish Genetic Diseases

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Get a complete genetic evaluation by Dr. Gidon Akler, a genetics/genomics expert and pioneer in the research and testing of Sephardic/Mizrachi Jewish Genetic Diseases (See Dr Akler's Landmark published study at


After obtaining a full medical history and family history, Dr. Akler will determine if you or your family is at high risk for a genetic disease including all known Sephardic/Mizrachi Jewish genetic diseases and will order the appropriate testing for you. After testing is complete, you will have a post-test genetic counseling session with Dr. Akler to explain your results and to give you further recommendations. You will also receive a full report to include in your medical record and for your primary doctor or other specialists to use to personalize your health management.

What is genetic carrier screening? 

We are all carriers of one or more genetic disease, but if you are a carrier of the same recessive disease as your partner then there is a 25% risk in every pregnancy that your child will be born affected by that disease. Some of the diseases, known as X-linked diseases, are only carried by the female partner and can cause disease in the male children if not screened for. You can ensure your children are born healthy and disease free from recessive or X-linked diseases by preconception genetic carrier screening test that screens for these diseases. 

What are the Genetic Diseases that will be tested?

The carrier screening test used is the Sema4 Expanded Carrier screening panel that currently tests for 253 diseases of whichh 101 are considered "Jewish Genetic Diseases" due to their increased frequency in various Jewish populations. This test was co-developed by Dr. Akler during his time at Mount Sinai Hospital in NY. It is considered one of the most comprehensive and advanced carrier screening tests available today. 

Is the testing covered by insurance?

Yes, the testing is usually covered by all insurances and it is just a $60 copay for the visit. 

Ensure your children are born healthy and disease free by signing up for a session with Dr. Akler and get screened with the most comprehensive carrier screening tests on the market.  

For more questions about pre-conception genetic testing email us at or book an appointment by selecting the "Jewish Genetic Testing" on our booking page.

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