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We are a full service genetics clinic specialized at diagnosis and management of genetic diseases.

We offer preconception and prenetal genetic testing to help ensure your children are born healthy. 

We can determine your cancer predisposition/risks or help your oncologist determine the most precise treatment available for you. 

We apply genomics and other biomarkers to determine your health risks and help you and your doctor develop a personalized health plan to achieve your full health potential. 

We also specialize in the evaluation and diagnosis of neurological conditions that have a genetic cause.  

We can help determine if you have an inherited cardiovascular condition and refer you to a specialist as needed for further management.

Preventing disease and optimizing your health

Whether you have health insurance or not we make testing affordable for you.

Knowledge is power. Be empowered with knowledge about your genome and health to achieve your health goals.

We are one of the only clinics in the world offering comprehensive genetics and genomic services to optimize health and prevent disease.

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