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About Us

About Precision Medicine Insights

Gidon Akler, M.D, FACMG

Precision Medicine Insights, P.C. is a full service genetics and precision medicine clinic applying the most advanced technology today for screening, diagnosis and management of genetic conditions. We also offer personalized health optimization through advanced genomic and other biomarker testing to help you and your primary care doctor achieve the highest standard of health and achieve your health potential. 

The clinic is headed by Dr. Gidon Akler, a medical geneticist who is also trained in pediatrics. Dr. Akler has been in the practice of medicine for the past 7 years and is board certified in genetics/genomics and its application to medicine and health. His main focus is prevention of disease and optimization of health. Dr. Akler has also been developing genetic testing for the market for the past 4 years that is being extensively used throughout the world.


Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Mount Sinai Elmhurst Hospital Center Pediatrics Residency Program


Mount Sinai Medical Center Fellowship in Genetics and Genomic Sciences 

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