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Clinical Genetics

Comprehensive genetic evaluation

Do you or a loved one have a medical condition that could not be diagnosed? Do you have a family history of a genetic disease? Do you have signs and symptoms that affect your life? If so, you may have a genetic mutation underlying your problems.


At Precision Medicine Insights, Dr. Akler will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to potentially determine the root causes of your problems on a genetic level. Dr. Akler specializes in all genetic conditions including: 

  • Mendelian disorders (both congenital and adult onset)

  • Various syndromes 

  • Dysmorphologies

  • Chromosomal abnormalities (e.g. Trisomies such as Down syndrome, Turner syndrome or conditions caused by copy number variations in your genome)

  • Conditions causing intellectual disability

  • Conditions affecting hearing or vision

  • Metabolic conditions (e.g. Phenylketonuria, Maple syrup urine disease, Urea cycle disorders etc.)

  • Lysosomal storage disorders (e.g. Tay-Sachs disease, Gaucher disease, Pompe disease etc.)

  • And More

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