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Precision Medicine

The most comprehensive health assessment based on your genome

Now you can get a comprehensive evaluation of your health and use your own genome to gain insights that can help you prevent disease and positively affect your health. After obtaining a full medical history, family history and physical examination, Dr. Akler will apply advanced genome sequencing methods to map out your whole genome and determine your health risks. Based on your genome data, Dr. Akler will make recommendations to optimize your health state and put you on the right health trajectory. 

Included are insights about your:

  • Disease predispositions/risks

  • Carrier status of severe diseases

  • Pharmacogenomic analysis to determine the best medications that would work for you

  • Nutrigenomics analysis to determine the right diet for you based on your genetics

You will receive a full report to include in your medical record and for your primary doctor or other specialists to use to personalize your health management.

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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